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No, he answered, I dont think so. There was nothing to distinguish that morning from the others.

Nothing contrary to the law, monsieur, returned Lefarge with a smile, or, at least, we believe not. But unfortunately, in the course of another inquiry a point has arisen which makes it necessary for us to check some statements he has made about his recent actions. It is in this we want your help.

How is the trans-shipment done from the railway to your boat at Rouen?

Mr. Clifford was satisfied. This mans affection for and belief in his friend were genuine. Felix could not be altogether a villain to inspire such friendship. The lawyer changed his tone.

Not from here, sir, if you please. If youll trust me this time, I think youll be satisfied that I am right when you hear my story.

That settles it, said the Chief, and a warrant was made out for Felixs arrest, so soon as he should be well enough to leave the hospital.

Was your arrangement to enter the lottery heard by the group?

About nine-thirty.

He lifted his telephone, pressing another button.

And you havent met any of his people?

Thats rather a fine thing even for a natty boy like Felix, he said as he showed it to Kelvin. And then he stood quite still as it flashed across his mind that here, perhaps, was another link in the chain that was being forged about Felixa link possibly even more important than any of the foregoing. What if it did not belong to Felix at all? It looked too dainty and delicate for a mans use. What if it was a ladys? And, most important question of all, what if that lady was Mme. Boirac? If this proved true, his case was complete.

I am exceedingly sorry, but I fear it is quite necessary. A personal examination is required in evidence of identification. And if I might make a suggestion, I think that the visit should be made as soon as convenient to you.

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They stood gazing at the prosaic looking barrel, outwardly remarkable only in its strong design and good finish, marvelling if beneath that commonplace exterior there was indeed hidden what to them seemed a fortune. Then Harkness crouched down and looked into the cask through the hole he had made. Hardly had he done so when he sprang back with a sudden oath.

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Tell me, his voice shook as he pronounced the words with difficulty, what makes her look so terrible? And those awful marks at her throat? What are they?

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But, M. Thomas, said Lefarge, can you identify it in any special manner? We do not, of course, doubt what you have said, but if it could be established that this particular cask had passed through your yard it would be important. Otherwise, if you judge only by likeness to type, we cannot be sure that some one has not copied your design to try and start a false scent.

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The room was narrow, corresponding to the frontage, but stretched a long way back, the far end being lighted with electric lamps. A row of marble-topped tables stretched down each side, with six cane chairs at each. Mirrors framed in dingy white and gold lined the walls. At the extreme back was a tiny stage on which an orchestra of three girls was performing.

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Ill see him now.

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I suppose you cannot say whether the Paris collection was made by a railway vehicle?

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Now, Mr. Felix, put all these things together. You will find them suggestive, but the footmarks on the drive are very nearly conclusive.